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“Honeycomb was a breath of fresh air. We’re giving the community what they wanted, which was a new way to connect and parent together –– not just a communication channel.”

– Tara Jaramillo, head of St. Charles elementary school PAC

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Why Honeycomb? Watch our video.

Take work off your plate, while increasing parent participation by up to 15x

Honeycomb is a free and easy-to-use app that empowers families to collaborate on parenting.

From remembering school deadlines and dates, to planning activities and camps, to finding supplies and parenting pointers –– logistics are much lighter when parents share the load.

Honeycomb is a one-stop-shop for parent coordination and communication that helps build a supportive parent community in weeks, not years.

Start with a beautiful, free class directory

Are parents having to connect via handwritten notes that get buried in kids’ backpacks for months? Or are you still using spreadsheets, Google docs and printed directories that wind up lost?

Bring your community to life and build trust with Honeycomb’s private, easy-to-use directory made up of useful family profiles.

Family accounts also mean no more guessing who the primary parent is –– Honeycomb makes sure both parents see the same stuff.

Empower parents to tackle school communications and calendars, together

School events and PTA tasks getting buried in busy parent email inboxes, or getting minimal traction in your school communication app?

Get up to a 15x increase in parent participation through Honeycomb. Purpose built for how parents communicate today, Honeycomb’s interactive, shared calendar has chat threads and coordination built right in.

Let parents help each other remember and coordinate around the next teacher training day, fundraiser or school event, and see your parent participation rise.

Minimize noise and maximize parent coordination

Honeycomb’s topic-based chat is purpose-built for parents and PTAs, helping keep conversations manageable and actionable. No more overwhelming mega chat threads full of buried to dos (where was that soccer sign-up link again?)

Honeycomb chat also includes powerful collaboration tools that help parents share care, plan events and have each other’s backs.

Empower your room parents to do their job successfully

From building community via social gatherings, to fostering friendships amongst kids through playdates, to getting parent volunteers to help with projects and events, Honeycomb massively reduces room parents’ scheduling and administrative tasks.

And it meets parents where they are by communicating mobile-first.

Honeycomb works alongside your school communication tools

It doesn’t replace them. In fact, you’ll see more engagement on your other platforms when you have a thriving parent community on Honeycomb.

Within 2 weeks of launching, we had more people on Honeycomb than any other platform, including our PTA email list, Facebook, and Instagram. Between Facebook and Honeycomb, the tone of some conversations has been radically different. It's super easy and been all positive for us.

––David Jones, Vestal Elementary PTA President

"80% of parents' questions and problems can be solved by parents when you let them manage school communications and parenting logistics themselves through Honeycomb. That's a huge win for our PAC, our school, and our teachers.”

––Tara Jaramillo, head of St. Charles elementary school PAC

How to get started

Bringing the joy of Honeycomb to families at your school is ✨free✨and easy!

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