Connect to kinder

Connect to kinder

Get up to 15x more parent participation with Honeycomb.

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Connect your new ‘24-’25 kinder families on Honeycomb, and reap the lasting benefits of an informed, engaged parent community.

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Save your admin time and effort onboarding new kinder families.

Honeycomb is a free and easy-to-use app that helps schools build connected and engaged parent communities. We provide your new classes with a private photo directory based on family profiles, group chat built for parents, and a communal calendar that everyone can collaborate on.

Welcome your most connected class, ever.

Parents will put faces to names in a private, easy-to-use directory made up of family profiles. Honeycomb includes chat templates to help them break the ice and get together over the summer.

Take logistics off your administration’s plate.

Let us manage event invitations for open houses, orientations, and back to school nights for your new families. We’ll handle reminders and registration deadlines for you.

Enable parent-to-parent support.

Honeycomb passes institutional knowledge from veteran parents to newbies, and empowers parents in the same class to find their stride together. This means less asks of your administration and teachers all year long.

How it works

Now: Reserve your school’s spot in our 2024 Kinder Program by filling out this form or emailing We’ll gather basic info, create a private group for your new families, upload your calendar and share everything you need to invite parents.

🌷 Spring: Invite families to join their group and start connecting! Honeycomb will send reminders for you for registration deadlines, open houses, orientations and get-togethers.

Summer: Families will continue to use Honeycomb to get to know each other leading into fall. If you have any pre-scheduled school playground meet-ups, Honeycomb will remind parents in the app. If you don’t, we can set them up for you!

🍁 Fall: Kids show up on the first day with friends and familiar faces. Parents show up with the confidence of a trusted, supportive parent network and equipped with knowledge they need to be successful.

Honeycomb works alongside your school communication tools

It doesn’t replace them. In fact, you’ll see more engagement on your other platforms when you have a thriving parent community on Honeycomb.

"80% of parents' questions and problems can be solved by parents when you let them manage school communications and parenting logistics themselves through Honeycomb. That's a huge win for our PAC, our school, and our teachers.”

––Tara Jaramillo, head of St. Charles elementary school PAC

Within 2 weeks of launching, we had more people on Honeycomb than any other platform, including our PTA email list, Facebook, and Instagram. Between Facebook and Honeycomb, the tone of some conversations has been radically different. It's super easy and been all positive for us.

––David Jones, Vestal Elementary PTA President

How to get started

Bringing the joy of Honeycomb to families at your school is ✨free✨and easy!

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Questions? See our FAQs here, or contact and a member of our team will reach out.